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Oasis CV Heavy Duty Check Valves for CNG

Marine bunkering and cargo hoses

ship to ship cargo transfer

ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Automatic nozzle with vapour recovery, flowrate up to 45 l / min.

VB 80 Al

TW dust plug, aluminium

Road tanker hose reel, made by Elaflex Italia

with LPG hose assembly

Connection road tanker to trailer: LTW hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

HD 100 C Neon, HD 10 sensing hose

Aircraft Dispenser with DN 100 hose (spiralised marking) and a sensor hose to control the hydrant system.

PHD 100, airport depot


electrically conductive 'OHM/T', with light grey cover, to EN 16820, Type A. FDA conform, homogeneous elastomer hose construction with smooth, black PTFE liner. Clamp fittings, lining flared (free of dead spaces).

ZVA Slimline 2

MC 38-11/2" SS

Female hose coupling for hoses, stainless steel, with Spannloc clamps

Elaflex Hamburg

Hose stock

M 16-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 16 hose, blue.

FFC 50.16 St

Fixed flange hose fitting of steel, with Spannloc clamps

LMD 32 Blue Band solvent hose

without helix

Urea solution filling, truck: ZVA AdBlue HV nozzle

UTS hose assembly, rail tanker top loading

Urea solution for trucks: ZVA AdBlue HV nozzle

Vehicle refuelling with LPG (L.P. Gas, Autogas)

GasGuard GG20 ACME nozzle

ZV 500, hand

High performance manual operated dispensing nozzle with 'TW' coupling MK 50 for Diesel, fuel, oils, petroleum

Refuelling ZVA Slimline 2 (Diesel)

with Slimline hose assembly

Tecnopal 38

Chemical hose to EN 12115 for alkalis, acids, solutions, alcohols, polar solvents, acetates, aldehydes, esters, ketones, hot water, hot air ( not oily ).

DAC-V 65, DAC-M 65

Aircraft refueller , Dry Aircraft Coupling to ISO 45 for bottom loading - with and without sight glass

Elaflex refuelling equipment for CNG and LNG

ZVF 50 JET overwing refuelling

with HD-C hose assembly

LTW 75 hose assembly

with MannTek DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling; use eg. as connecting hose for heating oil trailers

ZVA Slimline 2, dispenser

Ship sided connectors for bunkeringof fuel, lube oils, fresh water; unloading of sewage

DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings with caps

RS 11/2 x 2 SS

Reducer Female/Male


Hose coupling with male foodstuff thread and Spannloc clamps