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Ship bunkering

FHD hose assemblies, Port of Gothenburg / Sweden

MannTek DDC-M150, DDC-V150, DDC-V150 F

ZVA Slimline 2

with red scuffguard, SSB 16 Safety Break, Slimline hose assembly with KS 16 anti-kinking sleeve and CS 16 red

SVX 50-2"

Male hose coupling of steel with Spannfix clamps

Adapter: VK 80 x MK 50-45°

The lever is bent to enable lever arrest (safe position when coupled)

HD-C, aircraft refueller

Stainless steel couplings with PFA coating, type "...SSE"

Surface in contact with the medium additionally coated with Teflon® PFA. This type is used if stainless steel does not have a sufficient chemical resistance (i.e. for hydrochloric acid and iron-III-chloride) and polypropylene is not possible because of insufficient stability. Available in all standard sizes.

V-St 50 SSE

Male threaded hose tail for assembling with Spannfix or Spannloc. Material: stainless steel with universally resistant PFA coating (red)

Petrol station in Singapore

ZVA Slimline 2 nozzle, SSB 16 Safety Break, Slimline hose assembly

Oasis DMI Dispenser Manifold for CNG

Elaflex Hamburg

Elaflex stock ERV

Rubber Expansion Joint ERV-G 80.16

YELLOW BAND expansion joints suitable for petroleum based products with aromatic content up to 50%, fuels (ethanol content up to 85 %), aviation fuels, town gas and natural gas except liquefied petroleum gas. Temperature range (depending on medium) - 20° C up to + 90° C, temporarily up to + 100° C. Electrically dissipative.

Oasis PM104 Priority Panel / Manifold, for CNG

LMD 25 Blue Band solvent hose

without helix

Vehicle refuelling with LPG (L.P. Gas, Autogas, Propane)

GasGuard GG1 ACME nozzle

ContiTech Production hose

handling coil / logistics

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Dry Disconnect Stanag 3756 DDC- M 50 / 65 / 80 SS NOT x VK 50 SS/Vi Hose sided MK coupling can be coupled without tools

Elaflex refuelling equipment for LPG (Autogas, L.P.Gas)

VHD Neon aircraft refuelling hoses

Aircraft dispenser

Graphic Drip Stop spout for ZVA Slimline 2 nozzles

SG 1" 1x0 Al

Sight Glass with propeller, to EN 13617-1, DN 25, for installation between petrol station nozzle and hose assembly, or mounting on the dispenser. For the visual control of bubble-free dispensing and fuel colour (e. g. for premium fuels). Suitable for all standardised gasoline and diesel fuels according EN 589 + EN 590, including ethanol or biodiesel content, also Avgas and Jet-A1.

FGN 2 St

Flange with male thread, steel zinc plated/chromated

MannTek SJ swivel

ZVF 50 helicopter refuelling


M 19-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 19 SF hose Sulfur Free, black.

Simultaneous Refuelling/Filling of Diesel and AdBlue

Picture 2


'Camlock' stainless steel steel coupler to EN 14420 - 7 with hose tail and Spannfix clamps

Manufacturing of turned parts

ZVA Slimline 2 GRVP, Coax hose assembly

With integrated vapour insert EK 096. For dispensers with single fi lling point or dispensers with integrated 'On / Off ' valve. The vapour return rate is regulated within the dispenser.

Elaflex Hamburg

Cutting area for dispensing hose